Krk fishing season - 6lb snappers biting!

Jun 20th, 2007 | Category:Croatia travel and places to visit

Had a call from my parents last week. They’re now in Krk for their regular 6 One of the snappers - before months on the coast. As usual, the car has been consigned to a tarpaulin and the scooter has been dusted down, ready to transport them around the island. It seems that using the scooter this year won’t be a problem as their pet spaniel has decided he’s happy to ride around on it whilst sitting between my father’s legs. Apparently their dog’s refusal to jump on the scooter last summer was giving them sleepless nights. I wish I had their problems!!!

The phone call was actually to tell me that this year’s fishing season is one of the best ever. My father caught 3 snappers in the space of a week, and all 3 were well over 6lb. Problem is the local fishermen accused him of sneaking the same snapper back to the boat every morning and then producing it again at the marina after he got back from his fishing - 3 times in the same week.

snapper_after.jpgSo Dad took a picture as evidence and here they are, all three snappers, right next to the barbecue!

On a more serious note, fishing permits are not at all expensive in Croatia. The current cost is 60 kunas for a day (8 euros); 250 kunas for a week (35 euros); or 500 kunas for a month (69 euros). You can also get a three-day fishing permit for 150 kunas (21 euros). You can find more information about coastal sport fishing in Croatia at the Croatian National Tourist Board

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