Answers to your questions about Croatia

We recognise that for anyone not normally resident in Croatia, buying a property in the country from a distance is a major step and undertaking - as we found out ourselves (see our About Us page for an account of our own experience of buying a holiday home in Croatia). If you have a question related to living in Croatia or buying property in Croatia, contact us and ask away. If you are a client we will answer straight away. If you are not yet a client then we will still give you an answer - in the hope that you will soon become a client. Try us!


featuredimage Whats the cost of living in Croatia? - June 2008

On a recent visit to Krk Island we spent an hour "shopping" in a local supermarket for a basket of food items in-line with the UK's Daily Mail newspaper shopping basket, and compared the Croatian cost with its equivalent in the UK. Some of the findings surprised us.

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featuredimage Krk island video - some sights and sounds of property in Croatia!
We were rummaging through our favourite pictures of Krk Island a couple of weeks ago and ended up deciding to put some of them together to make this short video clip. (More …)
featuredimage Fifteen one-day trips from the island of Krk

So many people who visit Krk Island fall in love with its riviera type ambience and relaxed style of living.

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Buying property in Croatia

Finding a reliable Croatian lawyer …
Be prepared to shop around if you're looking for an independent Croatian property lawyer to handle your transaction. Find out how we fared when we conducted some simple research. (More …)

Croatia travel and places to visit

Do you have a map of Croatia? What about GPS coordinates?
Want to find out how to get to a specific address in Croatia? Get directions and GPS coordinates from our Croatia Map and off you go! (More …)

Emigrate to and live in Croatia

Best places to retire? Retire to Croatia!
Retiring to Croatia can be an attractive option for those considering a more tranquil and varied lifestyle. A new Directory recently published contains a mass of useful information for those considering retirement overseas. (More …)

Croatia travel videos

Istria – Croatia and its landscapes on video
Istria in Croatia is a region full of contrasts. And beautiful! Our latest video showcases some of the marvellous landscapes to be found in Istria. (More …)