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Sep 20th, 2008 | Category:Croatia travel videos

Not so long ago Gorski Kotar was the sort of place you just wanted to drive through as quickly as possible in order to get to the Adriatic coast. Things have changed! These days more and more people are bypassing the fast motorway running through this lush mountainous region of Croatia and are choosing to take the “scenic” route using the old road between Zagreb and the coast. And the reason? Well, watch the video and we think you’ll understand why Gorski Kotar is worth a visit, both for sightseeing as well as property hunting - and it’s still relatively under-priced making it a good investment oppportunity.

Today’s Gorski Kotar is a beautiful mix of wild mountain panoramas interspersed with clear-water lakes and pockets of civilisation. Positioned half way between Zagreb and the Adriatic coast, Gorski Kotar is known as “the green heart of Croatia” and “the lungs of Croatia”. Gorski Kotar has all the potential to become the next Croatian “in place”.

With centuries old lush forests, imposing mountain peaks, meandering emerald green rivers, gentle rolling valleys, crystal clear lakes, rich wildlife and panoramic views, Gorski Kotar is slowly becoming the focus for Croatian adventure holidays as well as providing nature lovers with all the scenery and peace they could hope for.

During the winter Gorski Kotar becomes a hive of winter sports activity, with skiers enjoying the
crisp air and pure white snow. During the spring and summer, other outdoor pursuits take over.
Take your pick from (here goes): rafting, gliding, kayaking, mountain biking, fly-fishing,
hunting, photo-safaris, hiking, cave exploration, mountain climbing, mushroom and wild berry
picking! Of course, if outdoor activities aren’t your thing, then just take a slow ramble amongst
the outstanding scenery and stop for a picnic wherever and as often as you wish. Worth a visit!

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Soundtrack credit: Croatian Rhapsody by Magazin
Photography courtesy of: Marian Slat, Jeremy Bartel, www.ogulin.hr, www.tz-ravnagora.hr, www.gorskikotar.hr, rozza.blog.hr, www.vikendplaner.info, www.lovci.info, www.kupa-flyfishing.com, www.pd-kamenjak.hr, www.skijanje.hr, www.rafting.com.hr, www.sobol.hr
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