Istria Property - a few buying lessons

Dec 31st, 2009 | Category:Buying property in Croatia

Property in Istria
If you’re thinking of buying a property in Croatia, then you might want to read an article published by the UK’s Financial Times a few weeks ago.

The article centres around property prices in Rovinj, as well as featuring the tales of both Croatians and Brits who have bought property in Istria. In our view their experience in Rovinj is typical of most other areas in Croatia.

The article covers issues such as ensuring that properties have ‘clean title’ papers. Less of a problem these days, but nonetheless something that should be looked out for. You don’t want someone’s long-lost uncle turning up on the doorstep of your newly bought holiday villa claiming that the ground floor was left to him in someone’s will! You can find out more about this in our Buying Property FAQ section.

Also in the FT article is a nice overview of the current state of the Croatian property market. Again, our experience endorses the views expressed in the article that the buyer profile has changed from Brits to Russians, Italians, Danes and Slovenians - and interestingly, UK based investment funds who are on the look-out for for prime coastal properties to invest in. With Croatia now expected to join the EU sometime over the next two to three years (yes the date keeps changing, but the process is still moving forward), these buyers are looking for bargains that will stand them in good stead for the future.

Property prices in Croatia have relaxed since this time last year, as sellers are now, finally, being more flexible with their expectations, though you can still expect to have to negotiate hard if you’re looking for a prime coastal property. If you’re in the mood to do some window shopping over the New Year break then you might want to start with our Istria Property listings and check out our video about Istria and its landscapes.

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