Buying property in Croatia is a real retirement option …

Apr 22nd, 2008 | Category:Emigrate to and live in Croatia

A report naming the world’s six most affordable retirement havens was recently published by Live and Invest Overseas. Number five on the list? Yes, thats right, Croatia. Under a sub-title of “The Mediterranean As It Once Was…at Decidedly Non-Med Prices” the report postulates that “the window for getting in early is closing fast”. Aimed primarily at a US based readership the newsletter states:

The cost of quality retirement living options in the United States has risen well beyond the budget of the average would-be retiree. The current meltdown in U.S. housing costs doesn’t change this fact. Most Americans are worried they’ll never be able to afford to chase their retirement dreams. The answer is to think outside the box–the box being the United States. This isn’t a new idea, but it’s truer and truer, as ever-increasing numbers of Americans consider leaving the States in search of a quality retirement lifestyle they can afford.

Well, that may be “thinking out of the box” for most US residents, but certainly its a real option for those of us living in Europe. And certainly many European residents, particularly in the UK, are probably thinking about exactly the same sort of issues regarding affordability and environment as their US counterparts right now.

Whilst the ex-pat community in Croatia isn’t currently as well developed as perhaps it is in other European countries, there is a thriving community in the country - and it looks set to get bigger.

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