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July 26, 2007

Travel with your pet in Croatia …

Posted in: Emigrate to and live in Croatia

An unusual one this one! A client wanted some advice about their pet, specifically:

Can I bring my pet parrot with me when I visit Croatia - and if I decide to emigrate, will I be able to bring my parrot with me permanently?

Well, I have to confess, the question threw me for a while. I’ve been asked about pet dogs before - and the answer is yes - but the parrot needed checking out.

We had to make some enquiries, following which we found out that the official line is that household pets in general can be brought into Croatia, on a temporary basis, as long as the owner has an international vaccination certificate for their pet, issued from the country of origin. In the case of permanent importation, the animal has to have an international certificate of health, again, issued from the country of origin. In the UK these can be issued by your pets vet.

The key point to note however, is that any importation can only physically take place via specifically designated border crossings in Croatia, where the Croatian Veterinary Inspectorate carries out a series of health control checks on the animal. I happen to know that there is one at Zagreb airport. If anyone is aware of any of the other locations, then why not post a comment to let everyone else know too?

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