Istria – Croatia and its landscapes on video

Aug 2nd, 2011 | Category:Croatia travel videos

Well known to many British holidaymakers as well as to other nationalities, inland Istria in Croatia exudes a charm and elegance reminiscent of Tuscany in Italy. This Croatian peninsula is home to many lovely properties and the fact that we haven’t featured a video of this glorious region is something we should have addressed before now. Well, its never too late so we’re happy to showcase our latest video.

As with all things in Croatia, Istria is a region full of contrasts. Inland, rolling green hills feature charming hilltop towns steeped in history, surrounded by vineyards capable of producing world class wines. On the coast you will find busy tourist resorts, many also steeped in tradition and remnants of the past such as Pula’s famous Roman amphitheatre. Italian influences are everywhere – not surprising given Istria’s close proximity to Italy – but don’t be fooled. This is a distinctly Croatian region and Istrians are fiercely proud of their heritage and culture.

Our grateful thanks go to the very talented photographers who contributed to the making of this video:

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