Zadar - beauty and culture for tourists to Croatia

Feb 27th, 2010 | Category:Croatia travel and places to visit

Zadar should be high on the to-do list for any visitor to Croatia. Located between Rijeka and Split, Zadar is a great destination for tourists. With a number of famous churches and cathedrals, you’ll find that Zadar has wonderful architectural structures perfect for sight seeing.

Additionally, you’ll find that Zadar is one of Croatia’s most beautiful and exquisite destinations. It is abundant with cultural and architectural wonders and you’ll discover that you can never experience all that Zadar has to offer. Cultural events abound, as there are always plenty of theatrical fares and festivals to enjoy. You’ll also discover that the city has abundant shopping and a wonderful variety of dining fare to satisfy the palate.

While visiting Zadar, you’ll want to see the Church of Saint Donat. One of the most famous structures throughout Croatia, the church was formerly called the Church of the Holy Trinity. The church is still in use, as it is revered for its natural acoustic abilities.

Next on the list is the Saint Anastasia’s Cathedral. The Cathedral is the largest throughout Dalmatia and during the thirteenth century, the Cathedral underwent destruction form the crusaders. After being restored, it continues to be one of Zadar’s most prominent attractions. Most specifically alluring is the bell tower that took over four hundred years to complete.

If you’d like to view some beautiful frescos, then a visit to the Church of Saint Chrysognus is in order. This former Benedictine abbey has undergone damage but the church and the bell tower have been thoroughly preserved.

The Zadar Archaeological museum is one of Croatia’s premier museums. It features collections from prehistoric and ancient times as well as has a section dedicated to the ancient submarine units. There are over one hundred thousand pieces on display in the Zadar Archaeological Museum.
The Church and Monastery of Saint Mary is believed to have been built during the early part of the eleventh century. Crafted in Romanesque style, the bell tower is a beautiful example of Lombardian architecture. The church houses some of the most priceless art throughout all of Croatia, The Gold and Silver of Zadar. The exhibition began in 1951 and became permanently established in 1976. In fact, the priceless treasures of Zadar have been referred to dating back to the eighth century. The vast collection of treasures, paintings, even fabrics embroidered with gold thread have made the collection one of the most valuable worldwide.

In addition to the wonderful churches, cathedrals, and basilicas, Zadar is also home to many beautiful nature parks. These are Telascica, Vrana Lake, and Velebit. The parks are abundant with rich flora as well as sea activities. You’ll find that the natural beauty and splendor of Zadar is abundant. Lakes and rivers are abundant and in addition to the many nature parks, there are five national parks. The national parks are Northern Velebit, Krka Waterfalls, Plitvice Lakes, Paklenica, and Kornati Islands. Hiking, climbing, boating, fishing, and rafting are all very popular activities for those who visit Zadar.

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