Baska yields ancient greek artefacts

Nov 30th, 2009 | Category:Croatia travel and places to visit

Holidaymakers to Baska on Krk Island may want to keep a look-out for ancient treasure on their next visit to Krk’s most popular resort.

Last month, two local fishermen found a 20 centimetre, 2000 year old statue of Priapos, a greek fertility god, off the coast of Baska, in a channel between the islands of Prvić and Rab.

The lamp shaped sculpture is likely to have been used as a fertility symbol - current thinking is that it was used as a symbol of luck for men who wanted to improve their fertility and that touching it would improve matters!

Baska has a long association with yielding ancient treasures. Traces of ancient Greek settlements can be found near Baska, whilst the Baska tablet was found in Jurandvor, close to Baska, in 1851. Inscribed on the tablet is a passage thought to be one of the very first in the Croatian language and it has been dated to the year 1100 BC, around the time of the fall of the Mycenian empire.

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