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rab island croatiaLocated adjacent to the Croatian coast is the beautiful Island of Rab. Rab is a perfect one day trip from Krk Island and features beautiful beaches as well as a magnificent oak forest. Though one side of the island facing the mainland is very bare, the other side of the island is green and fertile. Rab island is known for its fishing, Mediterranean agriculture, and its ship building activities. It has been a popular tourist destination for over a century.

One of Rab Island’s more infamous claims to fame is as the home of Adriatic nudism. When Edward VIII of England visited Rab Island with his partner, Wallis Simpson, in 1936, it’s purported that the Rab authorities allowed them to take a nude swim in the bay of Kandarola. Today Rab is one of the more popular beach resorts with nudists the world over.

The main town on the island of Rab is also called Rab. In true Mediterranean style, the town’s architecture gracefully lines sandy beaches. Don’t miss the one mile long sandy Rajska (meaning paradise) beach, where a wide stretch of sand is perfect for beach volleyball. Other popular sandy beaches are the beaches of Kampor and Lopar .

The easiest way to reach Rab from Krk Island is by ferry from either Valbiska port or from Baska town. Both ferry lines operate during the summer months only. There is also a ferry service from the port of Jablanac on the mainland which operates year round. You’ll find that visiting Rab at any time of year will reward you with a variety of cultural and entertaining experiences. Rab has many festivals, museums, musical events, water recreational activities, sporting events, and beautiful flora and fauna that are worth exploring.

One of the main festivals integral to Rab’s culture and customs is the Fair of Rab (Rab Fiera). This event takes place at the end of July and celebrates the medieval period of Rab, when Rab was liberated from Venice during the 14th century. The festival begins in the city’s Cathedral and is a wonderful experience of celebration, music and great entertainment. It includes medieval knights, games and more than a thousand of Rab town’s inhabitants dress themselves in reneisance robes. Streets are packed with medieval blacksmiths, bakers, fishermen, basket weavers, tailors and other craftsmen of that time. Medieval gastronomic specialities are offered to visitors and the whole town returns to the past for a while.

Many people prefer to explore the beauty of Rab by mountain bike. There are many paths and roads that are suitable for biking and it is a wonderful way to enjoy the beauty of the beaches and sea. You’ll find that there are a number of locations where you can rent a bike for your one day trip.

In addition to biking, trekking is also very popular. Rab is made up of a number of locations including Lopar, Kristofar Wood, Banjol, Barbat, and Gonar. Trekking through these wonderful destinations and routes offers a great way to enjoy the richness and beauty that Rab has to offer. Trekking allows you to view the full splendour and majesty of the island from its highest peak. You’ll also find that trekking allows you to view some of the town’s most ancient ruins and gives you a hands on view of the island and town.

On the Island of Rab there are wide variety of water recreational activities to keep you busy. You’ll find that there are plenty of beaches for swimming, boating, and especially diving. Rab has many underwater sights and there are plenty of shipwrecks worth exploring. You can arrange to participate via a diving school or rent equipment to ensure that you enjoy the scenic underwater views in all of their glory.

Finally, be sure to stop by some of the wonderful restaurants on the island and sample the exquisite Mediterranean cuisine before finishing your excursion. Since Rab relies heavily on the sea, you’ll find that the fare to be sampled is consists of an abundance of seafood. Dishes ranging from octopus to fish stew adorn menus as well as exotic fruits that are native to the land. Bon appetit!

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