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Porec Tower, Istria

The fourth destination to feature in our regular series of One Day Trips from the Island of Krk is Porec in Istria.

Situated on the western coast of the Istrian Peninsula, Porec is the perfect destination for a one-day trip from Krk Island. Porec boasts a wonderful climate and averages over 2400 hours of sunlight per year. The summer months enjoy more than ten hours of sun per day making it the perfect location for a Mediterranean water adventure. With splendid beaches and well developed tourist offerings it is no wonder that Porec is one of the most popular tourist destinations throughout all of Croatia, and once you arrive, you’ll soon discover why.

Porec is an old city, roughly two thousand years old, and boasts a number of historical sites. For instance, if you love cultural activities, you will want to visit the Euphrasian Basilica. The Basilica was established between the years 543 and 554 and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. The Byzantine mosaics and examples of architecture will surely awe you. The site features the Basilica, Baptistery, Atrium, and Palace. The sculpture and marble columns are true works of art, however it is the mosaics that will dazzle your senses and make the visit worthwhile.

Along with the Basilica, there are also the remains of the infamous temples, Temple of Neptune and the Temple of Mars. Built by the Romans in the first century A.D., the square, Marafor, still reveals the ancient architectural structure and design set forth by its builders. You’ll find that there are quite a number of Romanesque architectural styles in addition to the temples, as the town has preserved its urban character from Roman times - medieval walls, round towers and Roman churches can all be seen. Some of these palaces have been turned into museums and they are a must see on your visit. One specific structure that must be sure to visit is the Old Roman Forum that rests at the end of Decumanus Street.

Porec is a bustling tourist resort, one where tourism has been a thriving industry for over 150 years. The first tourists to Porec were the noblemen of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The town is quick to appease its visitors’ needs for entertainment – there are numerous beach clubs and coffee bars and after midnight you can enjoy the lively atmosphere created by a number of night clubs abd bars. You’ll also discover that Porec offers a wide variety of culinary delights and there are plenty of eating establishments to ensure that you dine on the most delectable fare.

During the summer, Porec boasts a number of fun cultural events bringing highly regarded artists to the region. Don’t miss jazz in the Lapidarium or a classical concert in Euphrasius’ basilica. The Street Art Festival, a ten-day event held at the start of August offers fun for all tastes and Porec’s streets and squares fill with artists, music and dance performers, jugglers and acrobats.

There are numerous outdoor activities to explore in Porec and water is the backdrop for all of them. Explore the beaches, bays and inlets of Porec’s greeny / blue coastline or try the various water and beach sports on offer such as water skiing, beach volleyball or diving. Experienced divers will love exploring the underwater reefs and the amazing sights of the Adriatic Sea. There is a multitude of fish and sea life that can be explored as well as underwater shipwrecks that are sure to add hours of excitement to your visit.

And to finish your day, go on a slow and relaxing sightseeing tour on the Porec tourist train, enjoying the evening breeze whilst history and nature unfold in front of you.

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