Krk island video - some sights and sounds of property in Croatia!

Apr 1st, 2008 | Category:Croatia travel videos

We were rummaging through our favourite pictures of Krk Island a couple of weeks ago and ended up deciding to put some of them together to make this short video clip. The backing track is sung by Oliver Dragojevic and is called Galeb i ja - “My Seagull”. If you like the song you can hear an English version - albeit a slightly different arrangement here. Some of the views of Krk you can see in the video include Baska, Krk Town itself, Vrbnik, Omisalj and Dobrinj.

On a slightly different note, Baska was featured on Channel 4 TV’s A Place in the Sun today. The programme followed a couple in their search for an investment property in Croatia which ideally could also be used as a holiday home. The programme highlighted the good value that can still be found in the country, particularly on Krk Island, where properties are still available for around £100,000 offering reasonable rental yields. The programme went on to forecast that tourism could rise by up to 42% by the end of the decade.

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