Bjelolasica - Olympic skiing only an hour from Krk

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The second in our series of Fifteen One Day Trips from the Island of Krk features Bjelolasica, the highest mountain in the Gorski Kotar range, and home to the Croatian Olympic Ski Team. Its summit stands at over 5000 ft, and the mountain is a mere one hour drive from Krk bridge and approximately 90 minutes drive from Zagreb.

Revered for its majestic surroundings, Bjelolasica is the perfect location for both skiing and mountain climbing. As is common with all of Croatia, many beautiful and magnificent natural sights surround Bjelolasica, including a number of natural parks and trails as well as canyons and rivers.

Visitors to Bjelolasica soon discover that there are a large number of activities to engage in, no matter what season they arrive. Along with winter activities such as snowboarding and skiing, there are also plentiful opportunities for activities in other seasons including walking, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, rafting on the rivers of Mreznica and Dobra, mountain climbing, exploring nature and a whole host of wonderful Croatian outdoor excursions. Sports lovers can also make use of facilities to play tennis, basketball, football, volleyball, bowling, mini golf, pool and others.

When visiting Bjelolasica, you’ll notice the heavy emphasis on sports throughout the town. That is because many of Croatia’s famous athletes began the start of their training and athletic abilities at Bjelolasica. For example, Janica Kostelic, the “snow queen” of Alpine Skiing began her skiing career at Bjelolasica, going on to win three gold medals in skiing for Croatia. With two blue runs, six red runs and one black run, Bjelolasica Ski Centre can offer skiing at any level at very reasonable prices.

Skiing isn’t the only sport that has put Bjelolasica on the map either. Many of Croatia’s professional athletes and sport organizations use Bjelolasica as their centre from football, basketball and volleyball clubs throught to table tennis and karate teams.

Not only does Bjelolasica have a range of different activities to offer but also many of the sports activities are available year round. They also provide many indoor facilities to ensure that you always have the ability to enjoy your favorite sport.

Sports such as skiing, trekking, sledging, and snow boarding are only available during the winter. However, there are numerous activities to occupy those during the autumn, spring and summer months. Paragliding, caving, rafting and kayaking are available in spring, summer, and autumn, and there are numerous hunting and fishing activities available year round.

If you find that your day trip may turn into a longer visit, there are plenty of facilities that will accommodate your stay. The Hotel Jastreb features forty-three rooms, with a total of 110 beds. The hotel is situated in the midst of the mountains and has excellent amenities including a children’s playroom and playground. In addition to the Hotel Jastreb, the Tourist Complex of Bjelolasica offers 136 rooms and a total of 324 beds. They have luxury first class rooms available and the complex is separated into various pavilions. Some of the amenities include a sauna and fitness club as well as a disco.

If you are a sports enthusiast you will definitely find that a day trip to Bjelolasica is just what you will need to make sure that your trip to Croatia is complete and it will provide a more than pleasant day trip from the Island of Krk.

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