The island of Cres: fifteen one-day trips from the island of Krk

Jan 2nd, 2008 | Category:Croatia travel and places to visit

The island of Cres

The first in our series of Fifteen One-Day Trips from the Island of Krk features the neighbouring Island of Cres, the second largest island in the Adriatic sea, off the coast of Croatia. Cres is just over five kilometers from Krk and can be reached by ferry from Valbiska on the western part of the island of Krk.

Cres was recently featured in the UK’s Independent newspaper in a travel article entitled The Complete Guide To: Best of 2008. Under a sub-heading of “Somewhere more exotic?” the article suggests:

On the Croatian island of Cres, you can combine a holiday in a warm and beautiful place with helping to save the endangered Eurasian griffon vulture and preserve a vulnerable forest. Eco Centre Caput Insulae has seven ecological trails created by Goran Susic, who founded the project 14 years ago to preserve the island’s biodiversity and natural heritage.

The northern part of the island is home to the Griffon vulture one of the largest flying birds in the world. These magnificent creatures have a wing span of over 8 feet and for avid birdwatchers, spotting one of these rare creatures provides sheer delight. The Eco-Centre was established on the northern part of the island of Cres, its primary task being to protect the griffon vulture. During its life, the Centre has built a network of seven educational eco-trails that connect villages throughout the northern part of the island. Cres is certainly worth paying a visit just for the chance to get a glimpse of the Griffon vulture, as well as to enjoy the eco-trails, but the island also has so much more to offer.

The first thing that you’ll notice about the Island of Cres when you visit is its sheer beauty and massive size – Cres is a hilly island over 40 miles long and its highest peaks, Gorice and Sis, are over 2000 ft high. The view from Sis over the Kvarner bay is arguably the most beautiful view of the Kvarner and is absolutely breathtaking.

Cres is composed of a number of towns and villages scattered around the island, all of which are definitely worth a visit. You’ll find that there are numerous activities to engage in wherever you visit on the island. Towns and villages in Cres to visit include: Beli (where the Eco-centre is located), The Town of Cres, Orlec, Valun, Porozina, Lubenice, Belej, Stivan, Miholaščica, Osor, Martinščica, Pernat, Punta Kriza, Vidovici, and Podol.

The natural landscape Cres has to offer makes it an excellent location for many sporting activities. Biking is a popular hobby and sport, and also provides a great way to view the island. There are also plenty of walking trails, for those who enjoy touring the island by foot. You won’t be disappointed when taking one of these tours either, as the natural fauna is superb. And of course on top of all this you’ll also enjoy the beautiful pebbly beaches that are full of Mediterranean charm.

The Town of Cres itself is rich with antiquity and fascinating history and has a distinctive Italian feel to it. The city was ruled by the Roman Empire, and there are many historical sights located throughout the town. Explore the town as well as the island of Cres and you’ll discover ancient Liburnian ruins and monasteries peppered throughout, providing plenty of fare for those who are seeking an exciting, educational and historical adventure.

All in all, the Island of Cress provides both an enjoyable and educational experience for visitors from all walks of life and being just five kilometers and twent minutes by ferry from the Island of Krk, it provides an excellent day out. Go and visit!

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