Croatia - a HOT must travel to destination!

Dec 19th, 2007 | Category:Croatia travel and places to visit

A list of the hippest, must travel to destinations for 2008 was published last week by Stephanie on the Tango Diva Travel Blog. Listed amongst the “What’s hot? What’s not?” list as fifth most desirable place to go and visit next year was Croatia. The entry for Croatia says:

Croatia: Hip beaches, the Euro vibe, refreshing natural beauty…Croatia has it all. Its dramatic coastline rivals any for sheer attractiveness, and the talent on the beaches and in the nightclubs rival a fashion catwalk. To shop, to dine, to see and be seen, Croatia is IT.

We’ve been talking about some of the must do and see sights that Croatia has to offer in our own articles, so its nice to have our view confirmed by someone else. Certainly as far as nightclubs, fashion and shopping are concerned, my home town of Zagreb is hard to beat. Definitely a place to go to and to see and be seen. I won’t go on about the natural beauty and coastlines that Croatia and the Adriatic have to offer as we’ve written enough about all that here, and will do so again in the future :)

Suffice it to say that we totally agree with the verdict and look forward to Croatia moving up the list next year!

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